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Coconut Oil, Organic Virgin 25Kg Pail


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Bulk-Size Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 25Kg for resellers, bottlers, food-service, etc.

This 25Kg pail is our high quality organic virgin coconut oil supplied in its most economical way. It is the same coconut oil that we use in our flagship Coconutty brand.

So many uses, you can ensure you have your coconut oil when you need it, saving 50% over buying it in jars. Use for spreading, smoothies, baking, roasting, massage, moisturising, hair conditioning, oil-pulling and the list goes on!

This is the highest quality coconut oil we have ever supplied, the result of years of tasting and testing oils from around the world, with the best customer feedback.

Suitable for caterers, restaurants, soap makers, high-end cosmetics producers, and heavy users.

Dispensing the oil: For home use you can use an ice-cream scoop. For decanting into small containers, gently melt by placing the pail on a brewmaker trickle-heat tray for 24 hours.

Pail size: Height 42cm, Diameter 40cm.

Best Before: Over 18 months.

Ingredient: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


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