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Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil - Coconuttyltd
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil - Coconuttyltd
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil
Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil

Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil


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The Purest Soap of Any Kind You Will Ever Find! This is a cold-processed soap that quickly washes away germs and is suitable for frequent hand washing due to the moisturisation of the Virgin Coconut Oil. A one-ingredient soap - cold-pressed virgin coconut oil saponified into bar form using traditional cold-process soap making. Nothing else - no added oils, no fragrances, no foaming agents, no SLS, no nothing!

Comes wrapped in a plastic-free compostable wrap.



100% Vegan Soap with zero-waste compostable wrap, made using a traditional cold-process method to kill germs and viruses while at the same time moisturising the skin.

This really is the simplest and purest soap of any kind that you will ever find, and it's cold-processed to form a bar that showcases the moisturising properties of virgin coconut oil.

Any soap is only as good as its base oil, so it's no surprise that a soap made from cold-pressed fresh picked coconuts would result in something special.

Thick and creamy bubbles are the hallmark of our virgin coconut oil soap bars due to the natural foaming properties of coconut oil during the soap making process.

Mild enough to use on the face and with a velvety foam rich enough for washing hair. You'll notice that the soap washes off easily and leaves no drying alkali residue after rinsing.

  •     Showcases the moisturising properties of virgin coconut oil with a luxurious creamy lather.
  •     Contain no inert ingredients - enzymes, alcohol, lanolins, parfum, or anti-bacterial chemicals.
  •     Each bar is wrapped and sealed for lasting freshness.

Hand-crafted in small batches, natural Cold Process soap is cured for 6-8 weeks. This means they are available in limited quantities only.


1. Palm-Oil Free

2. Soap base is unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil for the most natural moisturisation

3. Unscented, Fragrance-free

4. Naturally high in Lauric acid for a rich velvety lather

Unlike 99% of other soaps on the market, ours contain no palm oil. The base fat is virgin coconut oil with no other oils added.

Lauric acid has long been recognised for the unique properties it brings to the production of soaps and high-end cosmetics. Because our virgin coconut oil has a 50% Lauric acid content it provides the perfect base oil. Known to have revitalising properties for the skin - containing antioxidants and phytonutrients, our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed and has a Lauric Acid content of 50% to help soften the skin, preventing dryness and flaking. Suitable for cleansing face and body to leave a healthy glow.

Useful for: Sensitive skin and frequent washers - virgin coconut oil's moisturising qualities means this soap will not dry your skin like other soaps can. Fewer ingredients (just one!) means no reaction to additives because there aren't any!

  •         Hand made in small batches
  •         Saponified virgin coconut oil, nothing else
  •         Absolutely pure - no artificial colour, fragrance, foamer, preservatives, petroleum or animal products
  •         Soap is natural and the colour may change over time
  •         Volume: 100 g
  •         Unscented - these soaps have no scent at all. The aroma of the virgin coconut oil naturally dissipates during the soap-making process, leaving the bar scent-free. No other scent is added.

Cleanses and Moisturises in one go: The soap formula has an added amount of virgin coconut oil to moisturise the skin during cleansing.

The oil of fresh-picked coconuts is saponified using the traditional soap making method of fat and lye to make the soap. After the soap cures over a six week period, just one ingredient remains - saponified virgin coconut oil. The secret to making this one-ingredient soap is that virgin coconut oil takes very well to a process called "superfatting" which means that a generous amount of our virgin coconut oil is used in the soap-making process, resulting in an extra-moisturising, rich-lathering soap. Prepare to order more once you have experienced the purity and rich velvety foam.

100% Vegan. Compostable wrap. Contains No Parabens, No Animal products, No Petroleum. No Palm Oil.

Dimensions (average) bar: W: 88mm H: 58mm D: 19mm

Experience the difference between washing with a regular 'detergent bar' and a real Virgin Coconut Oil hand made soap.....



Sodium cocoate (saponified virgin coconut oil)

100% vegan. Contains no parabens, no animal products (tallow), no petroleum products, no palm oil, no artificial fragrances.


Virgin Coconut Oil - Nature's Moisturiser

Since 2007 Coconutty.co.uk has become a forerunner in promoting natural coconut products as better and healthier alternatives, and we continue this goal by always putting the customer first. We source the highest quality produce from this amazing tree that sustains life through its bountiful display of diversity and expression. Shop with us today and see the Coconutty difference.

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