Organic Coconut Cream 400ml, Fair Trade Certified - Coconuttyltd
Organic Coconut Cream 400ml, Fair Trade Certified - Coconuttyltd
Organic Coconut Cream 400ml, Fair Trade Certified - Coconuttyltd

Organic Coconut Cream 400ml, Fair Trade Certified

La Maison Du Coco

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Same coconut cream, now with a new EU label "La Maison Du Coco" and Fair Trade Certified.

This is the most delicious coconut cream we have ever tasted here at Coconutty. An extra-rich coconut milk from the kernels of three whole fresh coconuts. Organically grown and sustainable sourced, our coconut cream is perfect for those occasions when you require a richer consistency than coconut milk. It transforms sauces, curries, stir-frys, desserts, beverages, cocktails and is perfect whipped and served with fruit. The original quality and therefore the highly beneficial nutrients and medium chain fatty acids found in fresh coconuts are maintained. By processing at source, the value of the raw coconuts is increased on a local basis, creating sustainable, re-investment opportunities for the Philippine farmers.

How is the superior taste achieved?

La Maison coconut cream uses fresh coconuts rather than dried coconuts, resulting in a more vibrant and fresh taste. Each unit is filled and sealed at source after harvesting.

Is it organic?

Yes. The coconuts come from coconut agro-forestry in the Philippines which is certified annually to USDA and EU organic standards. The facilities are immaculate (we have visited and inspected their operation) and the organic certification covers the entire operation from growing and harvesting to packing and storage.

Are there any additives/preservatives/fillers added to the cream?

Less than 0.5% plant sourced guar gum for consistency. There is nothing else added.

How much actual coconut flesh does coconut milk and coconut cream contain?

It takes approximately three freshly squeezed coconuts to make one can of our coconut cream versus two coconuts to make a can of our coconut milk and about one coconut to make a typical supermarket brand can.

Is it a good source of coconut oil including medium chain fatty acids?

Yes, our coconut cream has 21% coconut oil content (one can yields 7 dessert spoons of coconut oil). As the cream is not refined, this means that the good fats are in their natural source. This pourable coconut cream is a richer and creamier coconut milk, it can be whipped up to a whipping cream consistency, making it ideal for desserts and for pouring over fruit, or used as a rich coconut milk in curries and stir-frys.

Tip: To make 150% - 200% equivalent coconut milk: stir in 3/4 a glass of water to turn your coconut cream into coconut milk, making the equivalent of over one and a half times coconut milk which results in value for money.

Nutrition Facts Per 100ml Coconut Cream: Energy 185Kcal, Protein 1.4g, Carbohydrates 2.2g, Fatty acids 21g, Sodium 0.02g

Ingredients: Organic coconut, water, guar gum.

Produced and packed at source.

No added sugars, preservatives or fillers.

Free from GM, cholesterol-free, dairy-free, gluten-free.

Storage: Once opened use at once or transfer contents to a suitable container, refrigerate and use within 2 days.

Certified Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance FairTSA.

Best Before over 6 months +