Fresh Green Coconuts - Coconuttyltd
Fresh Green Coconuts - Coconuttyltd
Fresh Green Coconuts - Coconuttyltd
Fresh Green Coconuts - Coconuttyltd
Fresh Green Coconuts - Coconuttyltd

Fresh Green Coconuts


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Fresh young green coconuts are abundant throughout the tropics, but sometimes hard to find here in the UK. There's up to half a litre of fresh coconut water in each young coconut which can be enjoyed through a straw for that 'tropical vacation' feeling. 

To open yours, you'll need a sharp serrated knife and/or a COCO-DRILL .

If you just want the coconut water without opening the nut, try our 100% pure coconut water.

Important Delivery information: To ensure you receive your delivery promptly, please tell us where the courier could leave the box if you are out by leaving comments in the 'comments' box at checkout, e.g. the house number of a neighbour or in porch. Alternatively you can select your place of work as the delivery address.

Country of Origin: Costa Rica.

Best Before: 7 DAYS. This is a fresh fruit and is best consumed within 7 days of receipt.

Storage: Store in a cool place.


Fresh green coconuts have a pre-made drink - no crushing or pressing is necessary, just a straw. This clear liquid contains electrolytes, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and more... Coconut water still in its husk has to be tasted to be believed.

Harvested when they're young and green (before turning brown and developing white meat), green coconuts are a staple throughout the tropical world. What better way to refresh and rehydrate?

We do not de-husk this product, you receive the full coconuts still in the husk picked from the coconut tree. They are not dipped, waxed or preserved.


Tap the coconuts with a coco-drill or other implement and insert a straw for the most refreshing drink this side of the tropics.


In 2007 became a forerunner in promoting natural coconut products as better and healthier alternatives, and we continue this goal today by always putting the customer first. This amazing tree sustains life through its bountiful display of diversity and expression. Shop with us today and see the Coconutty difference.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying from us:

  • We use trusted fulfillment services to deliver your order. We have partnered with reliable couriers and have orders dispatched on a daily basis. That means you will be receiving your wonderful coconut products by reliable couriers.
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This product is dispatched once the next fresh batch arrives, usually every 3-6 days. We do not keep old stock but rather send from the next UK shipment after you place your order. This ensures you are getting the best available.






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