Cocowell PURE Coconut Water 330ml - Coconuttyltd
Cocowell PURE Coconut Water 330ml - Coconuttyltd
Cocowell PURE Coconut Water 330ml - Coconuttyltd
Cocowell PURE Coconut Water 330ml - Coconuttyltd
Cocowell PURE Coconut Water 330ml - Coconuttyltd
Cocowell PURE Coconut Water 330ml

Cocowell PURE Coconut Water 330ml


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COCOWELL is a single-source pure coconut water which captures the exotic, authentic taste of tender coconuts loved by millions across the tropics. Cocowell starts with fresh filtered water of ripe young green coconuts. This 100% pure juice is captured straight from the nut and packed within a very small timeframe to ensure a fresh, delicious taste.

Not canned, no added sugars, not from concentrate!

Inside every young green coconut is a juice containing five key electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, no added sugar and no fat. Hand harvested in north eastern Brazil from young green coconuts, COCOWELL has five naturally occurring electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, only 20 calories per 100ml, no fat and no added sugars.

Natural Hydration

Coconut water is recommended by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as a natural alternative to processed sports drinks.

    Five Electrolytes: Potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium
    More potassium than a banana!
    Natural source of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients
    Only 20 calories per 100ml
    Fat free, cholesterol free

Coconut Water - "The Liquid of Life"

Containing a near identical electrolyte profile to the human body, coconut water is called "the Liquid of Life". For more than 4,000 years coconut water has been revered as a source of nutrition, wellness and beauty. The coconut tree draws water from the earth, filtering and enhancing as it rising up the tree into the coconut’s airtight shell. COCOWELL's coconuts are harvested while they’re still young (before developing any white meat), when the water inside reaches its peak level of potassium and other essential electrolytes.

COCOWELL's Eco-Friendly Packaging

    100% recyclable - wash, squash and recycle
    Low carbon footprint: one half to one quarter of plastic bottle weight
    Collapses in landfill if not recycled, taking up less space
    Bisphenol-A (BPA) free

The beauty of one pure ingredient packed with beneficial nutrients for a very small number of calories and no fat, is a profile which makes it a great choice for any detox or weight management program.

Try adding COCOWELL to smoothies and green drinks. One of our favourite things to do is make a fermented coconut water kefir, a fizzy champagne-like pro-biotic drink teaming with microflora.

    REFRESH - Drink anytime, everywhere for a burst of refreshment
    ALKALIZE - Mix with wheatgrass juice for a tasty alkalizing green drink
    REHYDRATE - Take to the gym to replenish electrolytes during exercise
    SMOOTHIES - Blend into your perfect get-up-and-go smoothie

Cocowell is a naturally sweet single-source coconut water from Brazil. Each step from the way the coconuts are grown, the way they're harvested, the way the water is tapped to the way they're packed is carried out to provide the most authentic "straight from the coconut" taste experience.

INGREDIENT: 100% Pure Coconut Water (Not from concentrate). Antioxidant: Vitamin C.

Storage: Refrigeration not required. Best served chilled.

Best Before over 6 months +




Customer Review:      

Absolutely the Best!

"This is my favorite drink after I do yoga - just what I need and I look forward to having."
Next Best Thing to a Fresh Coconut
"My family is from Brazil and we grew up drinking coconut water from the young coconuts and then eating the jelly inside afterwards. This is as close to the fresh coconut water I've tried. I can't stop drinking it now, it's so refreshing and I highly recommend it."